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Quantum Generation® Space Based Ecosystem our purpose is to protect, connect and power sustainable decentralized digital world that provide opportunities access to every corner of the world. We design, build and operate our data centers (QG® Space cloud) , blockchain, Fintech, crypto mining, communications off grid with high energy efficiency and 100% clean and renewable energy for our global platforms.

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Quantum Generation® Satellite-Based Solar Power
Space based solar power has several benefits; solar panels generate electricity during the day, and satellite-based solar power can generate continuous electricity 24 hours a day, 99% of the year.

The space environment is impervious to day and night; therefore, the satellites are only in the shadow of the Earth seventy-two minutes a Satellite solar panels can generate 2,000 gigawatts of power constantly. Thus, they are providing 40 times more energy than a solar panel would generate on Earth annually.

What's more, space-based solar power would generate 0% greenhouse gas emissions, unlike other energy sources similar to nuclear, coal, oil, gas, and ethanol. Currently, the source of energy that generates the lowest CO2 is nuclear power, which generates CO2 of 5g CO2 eq per kWh. Satellite based solar power generates almost 0% of hazardous waste to our environment compared to nuclear power.

Satellite-based solar power involves collecting the sun’s energy in space and then wirelessly transmitting it to Earth. There are several advantages to solar energy. First, although expensive, it is the cleanest source of renewable energy that can provide more energy than the world consumes or is predicted to consume in the future.

A Satellite based solar power technological process includes solar panels to collect solar energy in space with reflectors or inflatable mirrors that direct solar radiation onto solar panels and then beaming it on Earth through a microwave or laser. 

Quantum Generation® Satellite Based Solar Energy is the future of solar power.

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