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Blockchain Computing with Energy Efficient 

Expand 100% renewable energy data centers with Quantum Generation Powered  Systems Blockchains are the single biggest source of energy consumption in the cryptocurrency industry. Quantum Energy is energy-efficient, powerful mining operations .with highly efficient data centers. The combination of inexpensive renewables. Blockchain is a cloud-based digital public ledger where bitcoin transactions are grouped and maintained by a community of users. Mining, the process required to secure the blockchain, verifies transactions by solving a complex mathematical puzzle.

We are committed to continually enhancing the sustainability of our operations and the more extensive bitcoin network, with the majority of our miners running on carbon-free power.


Propelling the Future of Blockchain

Quantum Supremacy - Quantum Computing, Quantum Generation® will be the most technologically advanced open-source decentralized proprietary Blockchain-Network the world will come to know. QUBIT Blockchain® and Prasaga, 


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